Industrial Cladding
Norwin Contracting has a fully equipped team who can take care of any cladding project.

To installing wall cladding to roofing cladding, on Industrial sites or commercial Norwin has the experience to safely complete any project. Our team knows the requirement for attention to detail planning around the clients� process and needs, scheduling of the operations with a close liaison with our clients throughout the project providing advice, solutions and specifications tailored to suit our clients� specific needs.

Concrete Repair
Whether it be cracks in poured concrete or block walls or cracked concrete slabs, we have the experience and modern technology to make the necessary repairs. Our expert team can handle any type of problem by performing crack injections or full outside excavation repairs using state of the art waterproofing materials. For your next concrete repair make sure to give us a call.

Concrete Batch Plant
The 2CL-5 /2CL-8 3 position portable concrete batch plant has a bin capacity of 5 cubic yards. This mobile concrete batch plant can be towed into very remote job sites where a concrete mixer truck cannot go and load materials on-site.

The 2CL will free you from the time, distance and schedule limitations of third-party concrete plants. With the 2CL you will be able to load your own specific concrete recipe how, when, and where you want it.

The 3 position allows for up to three separate pull behind mixers to be in position to be loaded consecutively. This is beneficial when rapidly preparing for the next load. When completing the batch for the 1st mixer the loading conveyer conveniently swings to the 2nd or 3rd mixer for the next batch.

The 2DH portable concrete mixer mixes 2 cubic yards of concrete in 15 minutes. This mobile concrete mixer can be towed into very remote job sites where a concrete mixer truck cannot go. The self mixing drum holds 2 cubic yards (54 cu ft) of concrete while in transit and mixes 6 cubic yards an hour. The 2CL portable concrete batch plant is designed to load the 2DH mixer. Our rotating drum design provides a superior finished product compared to volumetric mixer designs.

The drum's innovative fin design will mix and discharge equally well in either direction. The great design and easy maneuvering makes pouring concrete in the tightest areas much simpler.

Rotation System
The unique axle drive system turns the mixing drum automatically without the motor while in transit, just like the 2DH-S portable swivel concrete mixer. This second pressure system will save you fuel, help reduce wear and tear on the motor, and ensure long term reliability.

Whether it�s going around a tank, or up the side of a building Norwin has the skilled professionals to complete any scaffolding task. With experience in Tube and Clamp, system scaffolding as well a wooden stage platforms all jobs completed by our team are done safely and efficiently.

With experience at Xstrata Copper Mine we have been able to install Scaffolding and platforms in many different environments. Whether it�s underground, on surface or around pumps and tanks every system is treated with the same safety respect as the other.

Our continuing in company growth will enable us to become a leader in the scaffolding industry, making every experience a SAFE and qualified investment.

Civil Team
In the society that we live in today it is safe to say that society wouldn't work without civil construction and engineering. This is because the infrastructures that we use in our daily lives, the infrastructures that support our daily lives wouldn't be in existence if it wasn't for civil construction and engineering. We use.phpects such as roads and harbors, railways and airports, hospitals, sports stadiums and schools, access to drinking water and shelter from the weather in our daily lives without a second thought to the construction and engineering that is behind them. We rely more than ever on building contractor teams and inventive people who design and build as well as maintain the sophisticated environment that surrounds our everyday life.

The job of a civil construction team/engineer is more than merely the building side of these infrastructures. They have many activities that they must do every day, including drafting, decision making, computer interaction, communication, documentation, creative thinking, organizing, and information collecting, estimating and analyzing.

Whether it�s a steel structure that needs to get erected or concrete pads that need forming, excavation on a site to get to the proper grades, let us help your project reach the heights you are searching for. Our skilled professional will not only save you time yet our goal is to save lives and money. Safety is our main priority along with great housekeeping makes our Civil sites the place to work!


Norwin Contracting is a leader in the residential construction and renovation field in the Timmins and surrounding areas. Whether it be interlock, retaining walls, sidewalks and driveways, shingle roofing, fencing and decks, framing or complete concrete work, our Residential Division has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right and on time.